Welcome to BodyDoc and the "Bobinski method" of diagnosing and treating sports injuries. Dr. Richard Bobinski has 30 years of educational and clinical experience in Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and athletic training. Additionally, he has studied and perfected many soft tissue techniques such as A.R.T., Niel-Asher technique, Rolfing, Graston technique to become an elite bodyworker. Dr. Bobinski is a highly regarded, caring and skilled physician and will explain to you what is injured and how to repair it. 

Each of the pages to your left are the doctors and researchers who have contributed incredible insight into how we heal from injury. I have studied human healing on many levels from the energy within us and around us to the deepest genetic processes. Understanding how all these systems link together is necessary when diagnosing and treating injuries. Click on the links and enjoy the journey into your body. 

The more you know, the less you guess/pay.

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